Photovoltaic Hazards & Safety Guidelines


Identifying a Photovoltaic (PV) System

The presence of a solar PV system will be characterized by the following key components:

  • PV or solar panels mounted on the roof or ground
  • An inverter
  • Components like a DC combiner box, bi-directional meter, and a DC disconnect
  • An SCE&G caution label on the meter

Conducting Safe Operations

  • First and foremost, evacuate the building.
  • Wear SCBA (Self-contained breathing apparatus) and full protective clothing.
  • Look for warning labels on the electrical disconnects.
  • Turn off the main electrical services as soon as practical. Consider all PV equipment and wires energized.
  • Do not open the combiner box (usually on larger commercial units).
  • Consider the weight of the PV system that may compromise a weakened roof. Consider cross ventilation.
  • Do not walk on or break the PV panels.
  • Foam or salvage cover cannot block sunlight from the solar panels; electricity can still be generated.
  • Moonlight, street lights, and flood lights may be bright enough for PV to generate electricity.

Additional Resources

Rooftop and Ground-mounted PV Systems - Safety Brochure (PDF)